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Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic Program Frequently Asked Questions

At Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic, we’re here to answer any questions you have regarding our weight loss program in McKinney, Frisco, and Carrollton (West Plano), TX. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in this process. These are some of our most frequently asked questions. Contact us with any additional questions or concerns or to schedule an appointment.

What Is Included in the Initial Visit?

The initial visit includes the following:

  • Thoroughly review your medical and weight history
  • Complete a body composition analysis
  • Nutritional and exercise counseling
What Are the Benefits of the Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic Program?

Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic offers you the opportunity to lose weight the healthy way. Weight loss helps prevent:

  • Strokes
  • High blood pressure
  • Reduces the pain of osteoarthritis
  • High cholesterol
  • Can reduce/eliminate sleep apnea
  • Reduces the risk of many types of cancer
  • Heart disease
Do I Have to Exercise on the Program?

An essential component to any form of weight management program is physical activity. Most weight loss occurs with a decrease in caloric intake. Incorporating increased physical activity is most helpful in preventing weight regain. We encourage our patients to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity.

Do I Have to Be Significantly Overweight to Participate in the Program?

No. The Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic program is not only designed for people who are extremely overweight. Our teams of medical professionals work closely with everyone to best assess their individual needs. Whether weight loss or weight maintenance is your goal, we can help!

Can I Be on This Program With Other Medications?

This depends on the medication that you are taking. Please give us a call before scheduling an appointment so that we can help answer this question for you.

Call Us Today for a Weight Loss Consultation!